Sideshow Bob's afro from "The Telltale Head". Homer blackmails Burns to get him out of jail, otherwise he blabs about the paintings, Burns agrees and Homer is set free, while Bob and Grimes are returned to prison. During his time in prison, Bob won an Emmy Award for his role on The Krusty the Clown Show, but his award was confiscated by the prison guards. Bob walks in on them and pulls out a rifle to shoot them, but Homer hits him over the head with a lamp. Krusty gets revenge on Bob by knocking his jet into Bob's prison cell. Along with Mr. Burns, Kang and Kodos, Sideshow Bob serves as one of the main antagonists of the franchise; however, in The Simpsons Movie, they are all outranked by Russ Cargill. In a 2007 interview, Simpsons executive producer Al Jean listed Grammer as his second favorite guest star, saying "his voice is so rich". Grammer usually comes in for table readings, although when he cannot, Gregg Berger stands in for him. [22] Bob was later seen during Bart Simpson's trial, assuming the mantle of one of the "Unfriendly Witnesses". Later, the town of Springfield releases all minor offenders from the Springfield prison as a result of budget cuts. While there, a Calder Mobile almost falls on Lisa, but Bob saves her by catching the mobile and throwing it aside. However, he ultimately had a change of heart and spared them, presumably also bringing him to the surface. [26], Bob later did community service, although his hard work was wasted when the Simpson family destroyed the garbage by running into it via their rental car. His plans often involve murder and destruction, usually targeted at Bart or, less often, Krusty, though these plans often involve targeting the entire Simpson family. Bob is actually brilliant having graduated from Yale and has an amazing singing voice. Reverend Lovejoy declared him a changed man and recommended him for a work release opportunity. Ever since then, Bob has been obsessed with killing Bart, constantly plotting his revenge in prison. [56], Cecil returns in season 19's "Funeral for a Fiend", which introduces the brothers' previously unseen father, Dr. Robert Terwilliger, played by John Mahoney. This too is thwarted, and Bob returns to prison. 0 comments. This is possible because they have similar intellectual and cultural levels and, somehow, respect each other[30]. Had it actually been Krusty committing the robbery, he would not have felt his foot being stepped on (or he may have worn normal shoes to aid in his getaway). [11], During his prison sentence, he began to develop a growing dislike of television, calling it "an omnidirectional sludge pump, droning and burping". (2001). Father: Robert Terwilliger, Sr.Mother: Dame Judith UnderdunkBrother: Cecil TerwilligerWife: Francesca TerwilligerEx-wife: Selma BouvierSon: Gino TerwilligerNephew: Neil TerwilligerCousin: Bobby TerwilligerEx-sisters-in-Law: Patty Bouvier and Marge SimpsonEx-parents-in-Law: Jacqueline Bouvier and Clancy Bouvier (deceased)Ex-nephew: Bart SimpsonEx-nieces: Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson It turns out that there are many rakes in this area, as the event repeats itself for some time. Sideshow Bob!". Having finally succeeded in killing a 10-year-old child after 24 years, Bob sings with joy and changes his FiendBook status from "Attempted Murderer" to "Murderer". [31] An early version of the script for "Krusty Gets Busted" called for James Earl Jones to voice Bob, but the producers instead selected Kelsey Grammer. Chief Wiggum then appears and tells them that like all reality shows there's a twist, there was never any parole, that was just a way for the city to save some money and get some criminals out of they temporarily overcrowded jail. Homer quickly jumps into the tunnel when the prisoner reveals he knows who Homer is. Sideshow Bob (voice) Recurring role Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance: 1990 The Earth Day Special: Dr. Frasier Crane 1990 The Tracey Ullman Show: Mr. Brenna Episode: "Maria and the Mister" 1991 Baby Talk: Russell Episode: "One Night with Elliot" 1992 Wings: Dr. Frasier Crane Episode: "Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes" Bob's primary motive seems to be revenge; his original crime (framing Krusty the Clown) was an attempt to get back at him for making a clumsy fool of Bob for years as his sidekick, and most of his other crimes have been attempts at murdering Bart Simpson for foiling him. He is knocked out by Sideshow Mel. Sideshow Bob voice. He and his brother Cecil appear in jail together in issue 41, story "Bart Simpson and the Krusty Brand Fun Factory". Bob has a brother named Cecil, who is jealous of Bob for stealing his role during his audition for the Krusty the Klown Show, and tried to frame Bob for fraud. Homer falls into a cavern full of crates, the prisoner jumps down and removes his mask revealing, Frank Grimes, Jr.. Grimes reminds Homer that he was sent to jail for attempting to murder Homer to avenge the death of his father, Frank Grimes. But because they did not have to pay to feed him they even managed to save a few bucks on the side for the Police Retirement and Buffalo wing. (2005). He carries a chicken in a food tray for the Simpsons to gain their health. A picture of that spiritual advisor is on the screen and Lisa tells Bart that she recognizes him. He began his career as a sidekick on Krusty the Clown's television show, but after enduring constant abuse, Bob attempted to frame his employer for armed robbery in "Krusty Gets Busted". They try to fight back until Krusty arrives in a jet and saves them. Commentary for "Brother From Another Series", in, Jean, Al. He considers himself a member of the social elite, and happily uses Machiavellian methods to acquire and maintain power. Bob made his second major appearance in season three's "Black Widower"; the writers echoed the premise of the Coyote chasing the Road Runner by having Bob unexpectedly insert himself into Bart's life, threatening to disrupt—and sometimes end—it. Voiced by Grammer, he is the main villain in the ride, having escaped from prison to get revenge on Bart and the other Simpsons. However, the family, mainly Bart, misuse the remote, shocking Bob just for being too smart. At times, he also may have genuine desires to help humanity, as he explains that his motivation for tricking the Springfield citizens into electing him was to "save them from themselves". During their visit, Lisa learns that she and Bob share a common passion for Walt Whitman, poetry, and art. After Bob misquoted several lines on Shakespeare, Lisa managed to trick him into checking a line from a Shakespeare play on Wikipedia, resulting in the laptop exploding on his hands. For instance, he was able to contort his body to such an extent that he could easily fit into a package (which he implies was due to having to ride in Krusty's clown car cross-country). [17] Bob briefly appears in "At Long Last Leave" (season 23, 2012), where he attends a town meeting to decide if the Simpson family should be banished from Springfield, and is one of many who express their desire for it to happen. For example in issue 2 story "Cool Hand Bart" where Bart, Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, Kearny, and Milhouse attend a seminar, called "Scared Spitless", which is held in Springfield State Prison and intended to scare trouble-making kids into shaping up. He also tries to "manipulate the tastes of the masses" by becoming a criminal mastermind. Using supplies he looted from the university's Engineering, Chemistry, and Occult departments, Bob constructs a machine that brings Bart back to life. Sideshow Bob appears in the 31st season in Bobby, It's Cold Outside in where he plays Santa Claus at a theme park. [10], Bob was released from prison once again after conservative commentator Birch Barlow convinced the public that Bob was a political prisoner. Mel goes on to say that all of Krusty's sidekicks have thought about killing him. Bart and Milhouse are put in Bob's cell, and to avoid being killed, Bart climbs through the bars and into a van. They took the idea of the Coyote chasing the Road Runner and had Bob always inserting himself into Bart's life. Of all the recurring Simpsons characters who are not voiced by main cast members, criminal mastermind and pompous slapstick victim Sideshow Bob is a strong contender for the most beloved. As part of a scheme to inherit the money she has invested in the stock market, Bob attempted to kill Selma by blowing up their hotel room during their honeymoon. This delaying tactic leads to Bob's third arrest. Bob is a self-proclaimed genius, member of the Republican Party, champion of high culture, former children's entertainer-turned-criminal mastermind and Bart Simpson's nemesis. Sideshow Bob's theme, which is used whenever Bob gets out of prison, was first used in the season three episode "Black Widower", Bob's second episode. Images of the Sideshow Bob voice actors from the Simpsons franchise. Bart was still wary of him, as depicted in Bobby, It's Cold Outside, where he was terrified upon learning that Sideshow Bob is the Santa's Village's main attraction, although Bob made clear that he had absolutely no intention of even harming Bart, let alone killing him (he claims its because his taking the part of Santa makes him compelled to stay in character as long as possible and thus cannot afford to act on his murderous urges, though his life goals folder that Bart discovered not even mentioning any harmful intentions towards the boy [or indeed, even mentions Bart at all] implies he genuinely stopped trying to act on his murderous impulses against Bart). Eventually, when he finally had Bart at his mercy, he lets him go as he has become "accustomed to his face". However, by the seventh season Bob had already been the focus of four stories, and writers were having trouble developing new ways to include him. Most recently, Bob accidentally stepped on a rake underwater, after falling from atop Springfield Dam into the water below when he was "walking" away at the end of The Man Who Grew Too Much. Nowhere is this juxtaposition more evident than in the character of Sideshow Bob, the show’s honey-voiced villain whose first sensational appearance turns 30 today. Bart then takes Bob's head, along with a pair of deer antlers, frog legs, a wild boar's tail, the headless body of a chicken, and some of his own boogers for good measure, and uses the reanimation machine to bring Bob back to life as a horrible freaky creature. From "Sideshow Bob Roberts" "Kudos for bringing the public back to the Republican party. URL. Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images. Credit: Fox Grammer has revealed to the BBC's The Graham Norton Show that Sideshow Bob… [48] The sequence has become known as the "rake joke" and was described by Entertainment Weekly as showing "genius in its repetitive stupidity. To keep him from trying to hurt Bart, the police attach a shock garter to Bob's leg and gives the family a remote that shocks Bob at the push of the button, which proves effective. Bob, Bart, and Lisa together stopped Cecil and saved the town. When Lisa demands to know how Bob got the strength to lift the massively heavy sculpture, Bob confesses that he had been altering his DNA to give himself various superhuman abilities. [8], Fed up with Krusty's torment, Bob disguised himself as Krusty and framed him for an armed robbery of the Kwik-E-Mart. (ROASTED SOME OF THEM) how to get Bob's voice from SMG4 (ft BOB) Bob's Voice Message How to get Bob's voice from smg4! The Simpson family, in Italy to retrieve a car for Mr. Burns, encounters him by chance. Eventually, Bob comes to realize that he was happier when his life revolved around trying to kill Bart, so he decides to bring him back to life. Despite his cold-blooded status, he does at times attempt to change. The concept was dropped in later episodes or at least simplified. Bob is very proud and says that he will do his master scheme the next day. [7], When Krusty announces his retirement due to low ratings, Bob discovered from prison that Krusty has erased all of the early shows featuring Sideshow Bob. However, he did not appear in every season because the writers were not always able to think of reasons to bring Bob back, especially since Sideshow Bob episodes are written backward so they can work on the plotline. Sideshow Bob has been in 23 different episodes of the show, each time one per season, making him one of the most prolific guest characters. His performance of the H.M.S. Robert Underdunk Terwilliger Jr, better known as Sideshow Bob, is one of the main antagonists of the adult animated TV series, The Simpsons. He attacks by jumping around at Bart, and can only be defeated by stomping on his feet multiple times. He eventually encountered Bart underneath another car but ended up losing his quarry due to the arrival of a parade celebrating Hannibal crossing the Alps, complete with elephants, although not without Bart noticing his presence. "The Telltale Head" He loves operettas, the likes of Gilbert and Sullivan, and is also known for his gigantic feet, which have gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. Many episodes featuring Bob have been well received by fans and critics. He is voiced by Kelsey Grammer and first appeared briefly in the episode "The Telltale Head". After a murder attempt is made on Homer Simpson's life, Bob was temporarily released from prison to help find the culprit, much to the dismay and horror of Bart. Kelsey Grammer is the voice of Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons Game. Eventually, Bob and the kids discover the true culprits, Patty and Selma.[16]. The Simpson family encountered him by chance after coming to Italy to retrieve a car for Mr. Burns. Scroll down for videos ", briefly became an Internet meme after a similar defense of President Donald Trump was repeated after the Trump–Ukraine scandal. Grammer also voiced numerous characters in animated movies, including Stinky Pete the Prospector in Toy Story 2 (1999), the Tin Man in Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return (2013), and one of the title… He went on to relate that Sideshow Bob's voice was Raab's, and "When I read the script for Sideshow Bob, I said 'This guy's Ellis Raab,' and I went immediately into 'Ohhh, Bart. In the episode Cape Feare, he uses a machete. Bart cannot say no and joins the gang. However, the real Walt manages to foil his plan and the police from all five states trap him. With that in line, they seemed to bury the hatchet. [53] Another trademark for Bob is a visual gag of stepping on a rake and being struck in the face with its handle; this joke first appeared in "Cape Feare". Ever wondered where Sideshow Bob's iconic voice comes from? Bob was also included as a level boss in the 1991 video game Bart vs. the Space Mutants. Well, Kelsey Grammer — who voices The Simpsons' bushy-haired maniac — is here to tell you. [76] Frustrated by his early role as the target of "Krusty's cheap gags", Bob frames Krusty and takes over the show. His devious voice (thanks to the incredible talents of Kelsey Grammer), fluffy hairstyle, and overwhelming desire to kill Bart Simpsons mean that an episode centering on him is … Eventually, Lisa sees Bart's dismembered body through Bob's basement window. Commentary for "Cape Feare", in, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, "The Simpsons scoop: Sideshow Bob to finally kill Bart this fall", "Comic-Con 2015: The Simpsons Panel Teases New "Treehouse of Horror, "Simpsons' 'Treehouse of Horror XXVI': First Look and details on Sideshow Bob killing Bart and more", "Primetime Listings (March 21 – March 28)", "Dozens Of 'Simpsons' Songs Bundled For 'Testify, "The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants", "Simpsons ride features 29 characters, original voices", "Woo Hoo! For "Black Widower", David Silverman updated the model to reflect the animation of Bird. Bart and Lisa traced Sideshow Bob to a cabin believing that he has kidnapped Homer Simpson (Homer went missing at Marge's third wedding and thought Sideshow Bob was the culprit due to a clue, a key-chain with the letters "SB" on it, being left in the groom's room. The Notice that shows Sideshow Bob has appeared in The Simpsons: Tapped Out game available on iOS and Android. After being paroled from prison, Bob targeted Bart directly, threatening him repeatedly. The script for "Krusty Gets Busted" called for James Earl Jones to voice Bob, but the producers instead went with Kelsey Grammer, then a cast member on Cheers. He also took some satisfaction in making nameplates for cars during this time since it allowed him to make subtle threatening messages against Bart. [39] While most official and unofficial Simpsons guides spell the character's middle name as "Underdunk", writer Bill Oakley has stated that he intended for it to be spelled "Onderdonk",[40] the name being taken from American bishop and composer of hymns Henry Ustick Onderdonk. Sideshow Bob. Commentary for "Black Widower", in, Michels, Pete. Hair [29] Bob's design was updated for "Krusty Gets Busted"; as the episode's animation style evolved, director Brad Bird made the character of Sideshow Bob sleeker and more refined, to fit Grammer's voice technique. •. [67] In 2008, Grammer was included in Entertainment Weekly's list of the sixteen best Simpsons guest stars; Hyde Pierce was also included in that list. According to director Pete Michels, it was difficult to draw Bob and Cecil standing together, because of their comically oversized feet. Grammer had once worked for Rabb, whose "lamenting tones became [the] foundation for Sideshow Bob". At some point in time, Sideshow Bob had came to Ernie the Giant Chicken at pledge allegiance to the Sith Lord. Bob eventually managed to get parole due to manipulating the Parole Jury with his intellect and cultured nature. [24] Sideshow Bob appears in the 1991 The Simpsons Arcade Game, on the fifth level where he is pulling a cart containing a roast chicken health pick up. How much do you know about Krusty's former sidekick, Sideshow Bob (full name Robert Underdunk Terwilliger)? Sideshow Bob falls through the hole in the ceiling and knock out both himself and Grimes. However, once again he fails, as Maggie decapitates all four of them, killing everyone but Frank's ghost (the latter only because, due to his obviously being dead already, he couldn't die again). The vial was actually Bob's heart medication and he collapsed on the floor, unconscious, and was pronounced dead. After hearing that Bart was dead, he had trouble believing it, with his doubts being confirmed when Bart called the Simpson family and confirming he is alive. Commentary for "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming", in, Keeler, Ken. Eventually, Monsarno Corporation allows Bob an hour of freedom to spend with Lisa at the Springfield Metropolitan Museum. Alongside Grammer were voice performances from David Hyde Pierce as Bob's brother Cecil, and John Mahoney filling his familiar role as dad to the … [57] Mahoney portrayed Martin Crane, the father of Grammer's and Pierce's characters in Frasier. Further, he admits that he had only come to the museum to collect DNA from the personal effects of famous historical persons (such as George Washington, Albert Einstein, and Florence Nightingale) and splicing them with his own so that he might become a superhuman dictator. Kelsey Grammer has provided the voice of Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons, winning an Emmy Award for his work in the episode "The Italian Bob", his 5th Emmy win. Trivia. In Issue #123 story "Bobbing for Vengeance" Bob becomes popular on the television series Big House Live that broadcasts live from the prison where they show Sideshow Bob is in the kitchen and cook a Flaming Vengeance, around the same time everyone seems to start trying to kill Bart. (2005). WOOHOO!! Bart shocks Bob, and the police take him away. When Lisa questions him about the key chain, he explains that, although it's nice that they thought of him, the initials don't just pertain to him, and gives a list of people whom "SB" could refer to, including Selma Bouvier, the actual culprit. Bart again foils the plan and Sideshow Bob returns to prison. (2003). Bob returns to Springfield and moves into the house next to the Simpson family, assuming Walt's identity. In The Simpsons: Tapped Out, a city-building game released in February 2012, Sideshow Bob occurs as a bonus. He is a former television personality on The Krusty the Clown Shown turned criminal mastermind. (2004). [62] Adam Finley of TV Squad wrote that "that baritone voice, the Shakespearean delivery, and the ability to go from calm and collected to stark raving mad all within the same second make Sideshow Bob one of the best recurring characters on the show. Live. Sideshow Bob näkyi tämän jälkeen vilauksena 2. kauden jakson ”Ihme” talvisessa kohtauksessa sekä 3. kauden jaksossa ”Suosikki”, jossa hän istui Bartin kanssa samassa sellissä. Another reason is that Kelsey Grammer is not a regular voice actor in the show. [14] The entire Terwilliger family returns in "Funeral for a Fiend" (season 19, 2007) in which Bob's father, Robert Terwilliger Sr., and mother, Dame Judith Underdunk, make their first appearances. Kelsey Grammer Explains Sideshow Bob’s Voice - The Graham Norton Show BOB READS HATE COMMENTS !!! Once he has Bart cornered, he pulls out a harpoon gun and aims it at the boy. Relatives After Bart and Lisa discover this they become worried as they do not know what he looks like anymore. [48] Alf Clausen, the primary composer for The Simpsons, commented that "[Grammer] is so great. First appearance He continues to think so even when he sees Bob in maximum security but tries to come to terms with his anxiety to go out to a baseball game with him. Ride/Attraction: The Simpsons Ride. Character » Sideshow Bob appears in 107 issues. His entire family was assisting him to kill Bart. Bob was made into an action figure, and two different versions were included as part of the World of Springfield toy line. Status It is often implied that the real reason behind Bob's obsession with killing Bart is ego rather than to siege revenge on him for landing him in prison as he finds it infuriating that an underachieving 10-year old is constantly able to foil him with such ease. It was a beautiful thing. Another trademark for Bob is to step on rakes, a joke that first appeared in "Cape Feare". (ROASTED SOME OF THEM) how to get Bob's voice from SMG4 (ft BOB) Bob's Voice Message How to get Bob's voice from smg4! , Sideshow Bob, and His Favorite Forgotten Voice Work. Robert Terwilliger (aka Sideshow Bob) began his career as \"Sideshow Bob\", a non-speaking sidekick on Krusty the Clown's television show. [scene shows prisoners leaving on escalator and ski lift] [scene shows prisoners going in a revolving door and coming out immediately] Voice: Mayor Quimby supports revolving door prisons. [5] The episode "Brother from Another Series" (season eight, 1997) reveals that Bob only received the job after his younger brother Cecil failed an audition, because Krusty considered Bob to be a perfect comic foil. Grammer's performance of H.M.S. He defeats Democratic Party incumbent Joe Quimby in a landslide, but Bart and Lisa discover that Bob rigged the election, leading to another incarceration. [54] IGN considers it the best episode of the fifth season. The closest thing Bob has to a catchphrase comes from this relationship: Sometimes, Bob will reveal himself saying "Hello, Bart" in a menacing tone to which Bart (and sometimes Lisa and the rest of the Simpsons in unison) will exclaim "AH! Your comment on this answer: Oakley shares that the 'Sideshow Bob Roberts' episode during the sixth season of the show first aired in 1994 - and was scripted by both him and Josh Weinstein. (which is the only thing besides a reminder to buy milk that wasn't a message saying "Kill Bart") implying that Bob still has trace amounts of hatred towards Krusty. After Krusty is arrested, Bob takes control of the show, introducing children to elements of high culture. Kelsey Grammer Explains Sideshow Bob’s Voice - The Graham Norton Show BOB READS HATE COMMENTS !!! When a guilty Bart visits his coffin while being led by Cecil, Bob leaped out of the coffin and trapped Bart inside to be cremated inside the coffin. The Simpsons has succeeded in that regard, and one its finest creations is Sideshow Bob, the villain with the mellifluous voice. Commentary for "Sideshow Bob Roberts", in, Reiss, Mike. Bob is actually brilliant having graduated from Yale and has an amazing singing voice. Voiced by Bob releases flying cyborg monkeys that attack the visitors. During the chase scene that follows, Bob demonstrates the abilities of grasshopper-like leaping, sonar, and cranial kinesis. Unbeknownst to Krusty and the visitors, Sideshow Bob has hacked into Krusty's computer and he drops a giant cherry on the boat. He was also made into a collectable Funko Pop! After he was released from prison, he proposed and married Selma, despite Bart's protests. [1] efter att han följde med sin bror, Cecil på en audition hos Krusty. He also claimed that repeated blows from cream pies left his face immune to pain, short of self-inflicted surgeries as Bob learned the hard way. Largely because of his former status as a clown, he also was capable of extreme physical feats. Most of the event action takes place at Monsarno Research and Opera House. Since framing Krusty for armed robbery, Bob has attempted to kill him a couple of times. Sex Kelsey Grammer is the voice of Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons Ride. Bob was included as the boss of the Krustyland level in the 1991 video game Bart vs. the Space Mutants. He was born on October 11, 1957, making him 33 years old during his first appearance and has been on Krusty's show from 1983-1990. [36][37][38] Yet another theory is that he was named after Sergeant Terwilliger and Mrs. Underdunk in the pilot episode of the TV show Hunter. Lisa says she called in the cops after following him here. When confronted by Bart and Lisa, the bomb is discovered to be a dud, and Sideshow Bob instead kidnaps Bart and hijacks the Wright Flier, planning to crash the Flier onto a shack where Krusty was broadcasting an impromptu TV show. He is repeatedly the target of the rake slapstick gag, causing him to declare rakes as his greatest foe "besides Bart Simpson". However, after he is provoked into a fight, he realizes that he has become a crude monster and jumps off the Springfield Dam, surviving because the gills he gave himself allow him to survive in the lake. During the air show, coincidentally being attended by the Simpsons family, Bob appeared on the television screens and threatened to blow up Springfield with a nuclear bomb unless the city stops broadcasting all television shows. For some reason, he is named as "Sideshow" Bob Roberts. A British version of Sideshow Bob makes a minor cameo in issue 208, 'Brit Simpson', on page 11. [4] Several parallels have been explicitly drawn in The Simpsons between Bob and Frasier Crane—Bob's brother Cecil and his father were played by David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney, respectively, echoing the roles they played in Frasier. After infiltrating the base, Sideshow Bob had became the teacher for all Clone Equines, manipu… The delaying tactic leads to Bob's third arrest when the houseboat drifts all the way back to Springfield as Bob sings. Predictably, he then shoves Milhouse down the manhole and prepares to use the military missile bunker's missiles to do away with his nemesis. This game event was split in 3 acts and ended June 4, 2015. "The Italian Bob" was ranked tenth, with the explanation that "All the things we love about a Sideshow Bob episode—the vengeance, the familiar settings and characters, the elaborate scheming—were missing from this half-hour. Bart tells Chief Wiggum that he doesn't know what it is. [15] Strangely, Bob does not seem to hold any distinctive grudge against Lisa, despite the fact that she ruined his plans as mayor of Springfield, mayor of a small Italian village (unintentionally), and his attempt on the lives of her entire family (which even included her). The letters led Bart to become extremely paranoid. In reality, Bob was actually faking his death and put in a temporary death-like state, as his father injected him with an anesthesia. Commentary for "The Telltale Head", in, Silverman, David. [7] In addition, he also has some reserves, as when choosing to fashion a new life, he immediately rejects North Korea as a location for him to settle in. [73] In December 2009, Robert Canning of IGN ranked the ten episodes to feature Bob that had aired at the time. Sideshow Bob is often considered to be the best occasionally-present character in The Simpsons. Bart, with Lisa's help, was able to catch Bob mainly because Bob's large feet actually filled out Krusty's clown shoes, so when his foot was stepped on in the security footage he felt it and yelped. He won the election against liberal incumbent Joe Quimby by a landslide. You need me, Springfield!" Commentary for "Brother From Another Series", in, Polcino, Dominic. He uses Nelson Muntz, Dolph Starbeam, Kearney Zzyzwicz, and Jimbo Jones to steal money from people all over town. But how often do you get a chance to work with an actor like Kelsey Grammer and, more importantly, play his brother? In 2006, named Cape Feare the best episode of the fifth season. Krusty escapes while everyone else is forced to take refuge in the frozen food division. Do they give a Nobel prize for attempted chemistry? Finally, Krusty was illiterate and Bob was reading a magazine in the Kwik-E-Mart right before committing the robbery. [12], During yet another prison sentence, Bob became a member of the prison's Christian outreach program and tried to be genuinely redeemed. He believes that by exposing the kids to high culture he will improve their lives. In the back of the building was his school of crime- where he would teach other people to become criminals. The second, released in 2002, has him in the prison uniform he wore in "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming", and was a part of wave nine.

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