Offer Now! LTA's Regulatory Courts 4B(N) and 7B were closed from 13 April 2020 to 2 June 2020 as the State Courts had classified them under non-essential services. Remember to update your bookmarks with our new address! If the engine power output is modified to exceed the original design specifications, the vehicle is likely to endanger its occupants and other road users. LTA will randomly assign an available vehicle registration number in the current vehicle registration number allocation pool to a vehicle upon its registration. Pot Belly Plate (silver, white font or white yellow base!) 13 Jan 2021. Vehicle Registration Number. O. Reg. Identifying the year of registration of a Singapore Car Plate Number. vep. 2. NOTE: This consolidation is not official. SMY 5555 Y $ 18,800 $ 16,800. Certificate of Entitlement Quota for February 2021 to April 2021 . Reflective base as per LTA regulation. Text Me For Many Other Nice Numbers For Sale! It will cost $1,000 plus an administration fee of $32.10 for each 6-month extension. DataMall Latest Tenders Land Transport Innovation Grant Regulations & Licensing Academies. This application is subjected but not limited … LTA’s vision for a car-lite nation is not only about providing the amenities to support walking, cycling and riding, but also building a culture of courtesy and respect for fellow commuters. The LTA’s guidelines for vehicle modifications ensure that road safety, vehicle exhaust gas and noise emissions standards are not compromised, for the benefit … OneMotoring's new web address is now Dave 9777 0100 . If not, you may apply for the creation of your record at any LTA Office for the prupose of reserving a number plate. Apart from that, other vehicles components like the brakes might not be able to cope with the extra power. or and proceed to page. ... Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) one-year free pre-peak travel trial will commence next Monday (24 June 2013). For LTA to summon you 3 times in 2 months over the same item, I would really suggest for you to change to a legal number plate. 321A). If your vehicle is registered under the Revised Off-Peak Car Scheme, Classic Vehicle Scheme or Revised Vintage Vehicle Scheme, you must seal your registration number plates at an LTA-Authorised Inspection Centre (AIC) within 7 days of registration. Transfer of unique number plates - Between persons: 49.29: Transfer of unique number plates - Unique number plates (minimum fees with labels) 297.62: Transfer of unique number plates - Replacement number plate for COMMERCIAL class: 16.11: Transfer of unique number plates - Collectors plates: 36.02: Transfer of ownership - Up to 1600 cc Eye Catcher. This registration HA70 LTA can only be transferred onto a vehicle registered on or after September 2020 DVLA specify that you cannot make your vehicle appear newer than it really is. Possible combinations: AAAAAA : 6 letters AAAAA : 5 letters AAAA : 4 letters AAAA9 : 4 letters & 1 number … You can apply for a 6-month extension of the unused VRN before the expiry date. Call/sms For More Info. A bid for a vehicle registration number can be submitted to the Land Transport Authority ("LTA") on this website ("e-bid submission"). COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 19/2011. Offer Now! Regulation 23- stipulates the form of number and labels- The size of a number plate must not be less than 375mm in length and 135mm in width and letters and number must be on one line and must not be less than 82mm in height and every part of the letter and the number must not be less than 11mm stroke width except in the case of a motor cycle. © 2021 Land Transport Authority of Singapore. Any accredited reg plate supplier will make sure to abide by these regulations. An e-bid submission may be made for a maximum of three different vehicle registration numbers of the same prefix at the same bid amount, in the bidder's order of preference. Ever wondered what different letters and colours on a vehicle number plate stand for? Click here for more information. You will be redirected in seconds… Checklists (What to bring) If your number plate is damaged or defaced surrender damaged number plate at any LTA Office. For example, you cannot assign a registration issued in 2012 onto a vehicle registered in 2005. Application For Unique Number Plate Reg 25 Land Transport (Vehicle Registration & Construction) Regulations 2000 2. Statutory declaration to be signed by a Justice of Peace or Commissioner of Oath. Your Vehicle Registration must be Valid. a configuration used by Motor Vehicles Services for regular series licence plates; the letter O (use the number zero) a configuration that could be easily confused with an existing licence plate (look-a-like) Letters and numbers cannot be substituted to create a plate similar to an existing plate such as H1 QT and HI QT. Vehicle registration plates are the mandatory number plates used to display the registration mark of a vehicle, and have existed in Spain since 1900. Assuming, you are waiting for a new series to be released by LTA and you are deciding if you want to bid for the registration number SMP 1. Fees 3. The rear lamps are only allowed to cast a red light. - Special , Unique Look (click on photo to view more pics!) It is an offence to Drive a Vehicle on Samoa’s road that is unregistered or has an expired Warrant of Fitness sticker.

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